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Wake Forest NC Chiropractor Demonstrates A Yoga Block Stretch For The Chest and Upper Back

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In this video I show you a really great stretch for the chest and upper back using a yoga block.  Oooooooo this stretch feels sooooooooo goooooood! 🙂

Simple, At Home STRESS TEST for Your Adrenal Glands (How Well Are You Dealing With STRESS?)

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Dr. Joe Criscuola demonstrates a simple, at home stress test for your Adrenal Glands. This test will give you immediate results and show you how well your body is actually dealing with stress.

Wake Forest, NC Chiropractor Shows You What YOUR Child’s SPINE Might Really Look Like!

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Have you ever wondered, “Why would a child ever need to see a chiropractor?”  Over the years many people, (especially parents) have asked me this question, so I decided to take the opportunity to shoot a quick video of an x-ray I recently took of a 6 year old child

Wake Forest, NC Chiropractor To Host Community Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner!

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Mmmmmm….mmmmm!  There is nothing more mouth watering than Thanksgiving Dinner!!  I love Thanksgiving!  The turkey, the dressing, the gravy, the sweet potatoes, the mashed potatoes, and that delicious home made pumpkin pie!! Well, this year I’ve decided to have two Thanksgiving Dinners!!  One with my family and the other with our Heritage Chiropractic family…YOU!