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Common Symptoms

Although you may be suffering from any of the following symptoms my goal as an upper cervical doctor is to remove the stress from your nervous system to allow your body to heal on its own naturally. The unique form of care that I provide does not treat individual symptoms but rather focuses on correcting the root cause of why the symptoms are occurring. Most our patients find that through upper cervical care the majority of their symptoms go away regardless of the condition that they were experiencing. This a result of correcting the misalignments in the upper neck, which allows the body to experience optimal health. help.

We can often help people with the following symptoms:

Headaches & Migraines:

Headaches are one of the biggest symptoms of an upper neck misalignment. If you suffer from migraine headaches there is a very high possibility that your upper cervical spine is out of alignment and it should be one of the very first areas of the body checked.

Sciatica & Low Back Pain:

Many people are surprised to find out that lower back pain, leg pain and sciatic pain is due to misalignments in their neck. Here at Heritage Chiropractic, we will make sure that your body is in proper alignment by correcting the position of your head on your spine. Misalignments below the neck are compensations for the head position and will correct once the head position is corrected.

Whiplash & Neck Pain:

When you’re in an accident, your neck has a high chance of being stretched beyond its natural range of motion, which can cause whiplash. Whiplash can also happen skiing, snowboarding, riding ATVs, and/or slipping on ice or falling down stairs. Although the damage may not be immediate, it can be chronic over time. We aim to restore mobility, relieve pain and prevent long-term consequences from auto injuries or whiplash.

Sports & Exercise Injuries:

When your spine is out of alignment the natural mechanics of your body do not function properly. This misalignment can lead to sprains, strains and other injuries. When your body is in proper spinal alignment it functions as intended and your chance of suffering an injury is drastically reduced. Many athletes get checked on a regular basis to maximize their competitive edge.


Being injured or getting hit in the head can be dangerous for not only the spine, but also the brain. Since we specialize in this area and take extra precautions our gentle care can help aid in faster recovery time, getting you back in the game or functioning normally in life, work and school. Football, boxing, motorcycle accidents, hockey, and soccer area a few common sources of concussions.


When you think of digestive issues, you may not think of chiropractic care. However, since upper cervical chiropractic care works with the nervous system and the body’s overall function, it has been able to help many patients with their various digestive problems, healing from the inside out.

Facial Pain, TMJ & Ear Pain:

Many people who have experienced some sort of injury suffer from facial pain. Upper cervical chriopractic care works to remove stress from the brainstem, which is often the cause of Trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ and ear pain.

Shoulder Pain, Tingling, Numbness and Weakness into Arms & Hands:

The shoulder relies heavily on the spine to function correctly. If your body has nerve irritation in the neck, you may experience pain in your shoulders, arms and hands. Upper cervical chiropractic care can identify the source of the problem and work to correct it in a safe and effective way.


People, from infants to the elderly, often have difficulties sleeping. Many times the cause is due to the misalignment of the upper cervical spine. By correcting the problem areas within the spine, upper cervical chiropractic can assist your body to get its best nights sleep. After a period of care, many patients report improved sleep!


Many times the body is being overwhelmed with impulses from the nervous system as a result of spinal misalignment. By correcting the misalignment the nervous system functions on a normal level and the body is able to relax.

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