Meet Dr. Criscuola

I am so glad to have the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Criscuola, and I am a Doctor of Chiropractic in Wake Forest, NC. I know I can help transform individuals, families and communities from sickness to wellness. I know the truth about health and I want to share it with everyone. It’s a simple truth, yet hard for many because it requires faith. Are you ready for it? Here it is.

wake forest family doctorOur bodies are self-healing and self-regulating! Feed your body the right foods, drink pure water, move regularly, think positive, remove the physical, emotional and chemical stresses, and you will have optimal health. This is easy enough to say, but much harder to live, for most. I have been trained by the best and brightest in the wellness field, read all the newest and oldest books on health and life, and most of all, I live it. I walk the talk. I know mostly from experience what works and does not work. I know about yoga, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and just about every shake, supplement, and weight loss program. I have heard all the excuses in the book why people don’t want to change. I can help you and your family break that cycle. My goal as your family chiropractor is to remove the stresses from your life so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. I will adjust not only your physical body, but your attitude and perspective on health.

During my undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Arizona, I learned that cultural perspective and traditions can serve or slaughter. Native Americans see the body as holistic, meaning the parts add to more than the total. This means taking a part out or off of us would be self-destruction. They also see the life as part of a bigger picture, a universal purpose. This purpose allows them to connect to nature and respect it. Many people around the world saw health very differently before hospitals and pharmaceutical companies began to market sickness and disease. Ancient Egypt, China, India, South American and so on, all had a profound respect for the human potential. Life is sacred and to be taken care of like so.

I live each day on a journey to spread the message of wellness so that our families can have the best. I know you want the best as well. Let’s start by removing the years of built up stress showing up in your body with Chiropractic adjustments. Give yourself the chance you deserve to live a life of optimal health and wellness.