“Dr. Joe has helped me so much with my awful headaches and neck aches when all my medical doctor wanted to do was put me on anti-depressants!” -Rachel

When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I replied, “I just want to keep my Chiropractic adjusting schedule and gym membership.” -Janice

“Dr. Joe is friendly, easy to talk to and knows what he is doing.” – Joe

“Dr. Joe is very caring not only physically with the adjustments, but emotionally.” -Terry

“Dr. Joe is very knowledgeable with his work and is a very caring person, who strives to make you feel well. He is kind, considerate and aims to get your body feeling better.” -Marcia

“So well rounded! He doesn’t just “crack your back” but takes a whole-body and lifestyle wellness approach. He is concerned with individuals, not just business. He is very keenly aware of more than Chiropractic medicine. Well informed” 🙂 -Lauren

“Before coming to Dr. Joe, I was in pain daily. Since starting treatment, I’m able to function so much better! It has definitely improved my quality of life!” -Ashleigh

“All aspects of my life have improved since starting with Dr. Joe in 2009. I was always skeptical of Chiropractic care until I saw first-hand what a huge difference it made in my life!” -Laura J

Restless Leg

About 5 months ago, I visited a business expo at the Factory in Wake Forest. It was here that I met Dr. Criscuola. Dr. Criscuola mentioned the fact that spinal health could be directly related to my restless legs. After giving thoughtful consideration to an alternative relief of my symptoms, I decided to give chiropractic services a try. Dr. Criscuola did a full evaluation and found spinal misalignments that directly related to the nervous systems control of my legs. After 1 month of services, my husband and I noticed that my symptoms were dramatically decreased. Two months later, I was symptom free. I am continuing my adjustments to maintain a healthy alignment and peaceful nights of sleep for my husband and I.

-Lisa R

Golfers Success

“I played great this weekend. My back was a little sore Friday but fine on Sat. and Sun. I won all 4 matches and our team ended up winning the tournament by one point. I would have never been able to play without you. Thanks!”

-Justin C.

Lower Back Pain

I have been experiencing low back pain for 8 yrs and the last 3yrs have been intense. It hurt to sneeze, cough, sit and stand, 24 hrs a day! I had no idea what to expect at the chiropractor, but MY MD REFERRED ME! (Carolina Sports Medicine and Family Practice) I had already tried physical therapy combined with these ESI shots (back shots), it would work for a few months and come back again until it did not work at all. Once I started getting adjusted by Dr. Criscuola at Heritage Chiropractic, the pain started to reduce. I used to take 3-5 aspirin/Advil a day, and have not taken one since I started chiropractic care. Almost 100% pain free in 2 months! Amazing. True believer. I will continue to use for life. This has changed my life both physically and financially. Those two back shots I used to get cost twice as much as a whole year of chiropractic care! Dr. Joe is very personable. His care feels very individualized and his encouragement and positive attitude is what keeps me coming back.

-Dan Z.

Neck Pain with Numbness and Tingling

I have been experiencing this for over six months until I saw Dr. Criscuola. I was never comfortable and the numbness was causing anxiety. As a surgeon, I can not afford to have nerve problems in my hand. I had been a sceptic for my whole life until I needed help, desperation made me try it. I now work with Dr. Joe who always seems to figure out what I need to have done. It may be my neck one day and my low back another. He picks it up right away and fixes it. I am always amazed because you never know how bad you feel until you feel good. I have found a chiropractor that I respect and can confidently refer my patients to if needed. I have also found a friend in Dr. Joe, which is a great side benefit. I was referred to this office by my wife who had been getting adjusted at the office for a few months before I started. I always feel welcomed, never rushed and they are very flexible with the office hours.

-Scott Bovard MD

Chronic Sinus Issues

I began chiropractic care to relieve my sinus pressure that was causing headaches and neck pain that I have had since I was 11yrs old. At its worst I was experiencing migraines that lasted up to a week and I could not function. I had no time to relax or enjoy life. My previous experience with chiropractic was after a car accident and it helped me, but I had no idea it could help with headaches and sinus issues. Since I began at Heritage Chiropractic Wellness Center in Wake Forest, NC, I have had fewer and fewer headaches as time had gone by. They went from daily to weekly within the first month, I almost stopped going, but Dr. Criscuola explained that we could do better. I now rarely have headaches. I am able to enjoy life again! I am more productive at work and have a social life too. I found Dr. Criscuola on the web, by the way he has a great site.

-Barbara O’Brien

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